Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Adult Spirituality Class Notes 12-6-09

(12 people attended)

In this session, we explored Dan Stern’s question, "Do we enjoy getting ready for Christmas?"

We read December 6 readings, (on p. 38) as grist for discussion, from which we pulled out the following:
1. "Live a life - circumspect & exemplary, a life that is like Jesus."
- Phillipians 1 (Supplemental Readings)
2. "Be prepared, get repaired." - John the Baptist, who was filled with the Holy Spirit.
3. "God's sunrise will break in promise." - Luke, who sets everything in historical context.

The ritual of Christmas preparation can often seem overbearing and cumbersome. We discussed that heavy preparation is not necessary to enjoy the season, but can add in important ways to the season's richness:
1. For Day, spending the day baking with his family is a rewarding bonding experience.
2. Dan Stern clearing his house for guests has become a spiritual practice, making a ginger bread house, e.g.
3. We can learn from participating with children to decorate a Christmas tree as children aren't concerned with a conceived perfect outcome, but are more in the present process.
--To get ready for Christmas truly is a process of being in the present, whether as newly exploring kids or as "good can be better" mature adults. Kids help adults to see through new ideas with flexibility and humor.
--Transformation can be hard, but if one is present and open to the process of learning and inner growing it makes it easier and more meaningful.

"Change is itself the promise. God of transformation, help me to..."
--Are You Still Listening? A Stillspeaking Advent Devotional, by United Church of Christ

FOR NEXT WEEK: Read, Week Dec. 13 (pp. 50 & 44) “

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