Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adult Spirituality Class Notes 11-29-09

"Tidbits" from Sunday, 11/29/09 meeting:

Today is the first day of Advent, the first day of the new year in the Christian calendar.

For the most part, there is no humor in the Bible.
A summary of Psalm 25 (1-10) -> "We're led by a God who is fair and just."

- How is the Bible a book of hope for humanity? -
* Jesus Christ's birth being on the date of December 25 seems seasonally adjusted for the Northern Hemisphere.  Since the darkest day is December 22, his birth represents the kernel of hope and love for the world.
* The physical time and place of his birth isn't what makes Jesus so important.  His message about the essence and kernel of love is key, not the average of the sum that one does.  How we live matters, both to do and pause in an integrated way yields the greatest positive influence.
--In the book of Daniel in the Bible, the kernel is of hopeful expectation of the oppressed; not just death and despair.

- In summary -
* Be aware of signs of hope as you look all around in this dark time.  The allows one to be fully perceptive of the many complex problems that abound, yet remain lovingly and hopefully constructive.

FOR NEXT WEEK, read through the December 6 readings.”

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