Monday, December 14, 2009

BCUCC Adult Spirituality Group Notes 12-13-09:

(Sunday, 12/13/09, third week of Advent)
A. Why do we find it so hard to change even though change is the stasis; change is the norm?
-> We want things better, but often don’t want to give anything up to change. Change isn’t so difficult if we understand the cost/benefit analysis. Envision the positive outcome from the change and be present to the joy of process.

B. What “daring” practices can open us up to change?
-> Move ego out of the closet. Let go of “perfection.” Keep in mind that the goal is to improve something.

C. How to inwardly motivate ourselves to make changes:
“The fruit of silence is prayer, prayer is faith, faith is love, love is service, and service is peace.” - Thea Ward
“It is more important to search than to find – so keep searching.” - Ingrid Fjellander (Day’s grandmother)
“Everything you do or feel has to do with God. Everything you do has consequences....” - Bible

D. How to sustain a flexible outlook:
-> When we change, it opens up too many possibilities. Thus, it’s important to keep stability in life, while undergoing change.
-> Be open and receptive to changes in other people in reunions with them. Respect how they are different just as I am aware of how much I’ve changed over time and in different situations.
-> Be in tune with the joy in the present as it makes one flexible. Practice the discipline of spontaneity to be flexible to making changes.

Change is itself the promise. A point made in “The Bucket List” (movie):
-> At the end of life, Egyptians are asked the following question by God:
“Have you found joy for yourself and have you provided joy for others?”

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  1. I like the Egyptians' approach - I do think a beautiful life is about experiencing joy and giving joy as much as we can.