Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adult Spirituality Group Notes (5/26/10)

** We first discussed the chapter, "In a Time of War" (starting on p. 195) **

For churches to develop an activist voice on larger social issues such as war, we must kindle a debate within, similar to our Adult Spirituality Group intellectual exchange. (As Pastor Dan mentioned, the church is designed to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted.)
-For example, during the height of tensions during the Korean War, an American flag stood side by side to a Christian flag behind the pastor as he gave sermons in our church, from 1955-57.

The group discussed how we have a different situation today. Terrorism isn't from a clear enemy target that one can polarize towards to burgeon a large scale response, such as Americans could against the Nazis in Germany during World War II. Defeating a terrorist "enemy" seems to require a much more subtle nation building response nowadays. (This involves social, military, and education problems).

** We secondly discussed the chapter, "The Gay Divide" (starting on p. 201) **

In the early 600 BC Jewish church, homosexuality, circumcision, and temple cult like sexual rituals) were outlawed by higher priests to make the Jewish church distinctive from other groups. The Christian New Testament has changed the focus from simple external activities to the more subtle heart and mind, as evidenced through one's immediate relationships, which were at the roots of external activities.

In modern society, there is vastly less moral stigma around being gay, celibate, or child free. Bob Squalia sees both liberals and conservatives having different perspectives, but as one gets older one sees those identities as boxes that don't encompass one's true broader living perspective.

Chapters to discuss next week:
1. "Technology & Human Values", p. 207
2. "Holy Stories", p. 213