Monday, July 12, 2010

Adult Spirituality Group Notes: 7/11/10

Today, we brought up more questions than answers relating to Chapter 4 reading, "When Compassion Becomes Dissent":
- Upon the pastor's inquiry, we sought to unveil the best bible discussions of compassion and decided that the "Love Your Neighbor as yourself" quote reflected most clearly Jesus' views on compassion.

We talk in church about how to influence society with Christ's teachings:
1. We agreed that it is hard to sort out a "truth" in anything nowadays in this multi-paradigm global culture. We debated the question of whether possible to do anything positive for good in the world nowadays given the complexity. It was so much more clear earlier....

2. Given that there is so much that can and needs to be done in the world and everything is controlled by the battle over resources, why not restart a global Marshall Plan (rebuilding plan from World War 2) currently?

3. "We have to keep going in the direction of hope, not destruction." (Rose)

4. "We need to all hug trees!" (Day)

5. "We wouldn't have all these problems if we had education."

* Read Chapter 5 (p. 77) "Ashes & Dirt" to discuss next week.