Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 3/27/11

(There were seven participants.)
We all are in the process or learning how to live a life of forgiveness in Jesus' model:
FRANCIS S. shared a definition of forgiveness. "Kaphar" in Hebrew means to forgive (cleanse pardon, purge away).
BOB S. mentioned that to learn how to forgive is to overcome pride. To be forgiven is to overcome hopelessness and despair.
It is possible for a BCUCC Movie Night to watch a Catholic movie he was familiar with, As fast as my feet will carry me. (It's theme is that every man deserves to be forgiven.)
BILL K. brought out how the author interplays space and place in the Day Two chapter, A Prepared Place. For example, "Forgiveness knows just how much love there is... plenty."
DAN S. highlighted the importance of exercising forgiveness as a daily practice.
DAY M. discussed his intuition of subtle healing and balance with another person that had occurred this last week. The process seemed to be initiated by the other person, and included DAY proactively responding by making a mental choice to forgive and broaden his perspective, towards a final integrated whole Heart for both.

FOR NEXT SUNDAY, 4/3, please reflect when reading Week Two content, how the questions at end of chapters bring out the quoted bible verses.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 3/20/11

(Today, there were eight attendees.)
We're starting to discuss a new book, Calmly Plotting the Resurrection - Lenten Reflections for Individuals and Groups. The back cover of the book has the following information:
"Donna E Schaper [a senior minister] has written a thought-provoking book to assist readers in developing a way to move forward, a way to become persons of faith, and a way of becoming Christians by "calmly plotting the resurrection." Schaper provides a daily exercise for the seven weeks of the Lenten season, including a passage of Scripture, a brief reflection, and concluding questions for further consideration or group discussion. The themes for each week of reflections are:
  • Week 1 - Where Are We Going?
  • Week 2 - Are We There Yet?
  • Week 3 - Are We Lost?
  • Week 4 - Parabolic Thinking: The Land Beyond Lost, Next To Doubt
  • Week 5 - What Is Enough Resurrection?
  • Week 6 - Rising
  • Week 7 - Risen
Schaper provides a daily guide for our journey through the Lenten season, filled with personal illustrations, inspirational stories, and words for reflection. Perfect for individual study and for adult groups, Calmly Plotting the Resurrection is a helpful resource for anyone seeking a meaningful journey toward Easter.
ISBN-13: 978-1-59752-020-1 "

• DAY MURTI suggested to note 2-3 paragraphs in each week's reading that were meaningful and inspiring to us. This will allow us to condense what really matters to us and help pull out material for group discussions.
• For example, DAN STERN highlighted a bible passage, "In my father's house, there are many dwelling places." Consider that physicists have mathematically discovered 23+ dimensions, as detailed in the Public Broadcasting System Nova series entitled, "The Emergent Universe." (Check out - )

For next week, read (to page 14) the rest of "Week 1 - Where are we going?"