Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 11/25/12

Besides the regular folk, Charles' daughter, Charlotte Shafer Cressey participated.

Today, we had unanswered questions about the last three introductions to the commandments of character that will be explored in the book.  We'll need to dive into the details of the related chapters to understand how we should take these in.
8.  PRACTICE SELF-CONTROL - "Just about every other person with a bad temper could control himself when motivated to do so."
9.  EXERCISE COMMON SENSE - "People generally regard common sense as a pragmatic, not a moral, trait....In truth, a lack of common sense frequently results in immoral or hurtful behavior, both on the individual and the national level."
10.  ADMIT WHEN YOU HAVE DONE WRONG, SEEK FORGIVENESS, AND DON'T RATIONALIZE BAD BEHAVIOR - "People of character, knowing that they possess free will, acknowledge when they have done something wrong.  It is this acknowledgement that motivates them to seek out those whom they have hurt, ask forgiveness, and devote themselves to doing better in the future."
For Charlotte, the college paper that has had the most influence was an analysis of #10 above.   It was entitled, "People: Do they basically come Good, Evil, or a Mix?"

Next week, we'll discuss Chapter 1, entitled "Family" (pp. 43 - 84).

A sunny possibility!  Please check out the Seattle PI article webpage -> Book Review: God Light: Sunlight Sonlight by Robert Lloyd Russell.  I'm curious to read it next.  What do you think?

The book received the following 2011 Awards ~
Book-of-the-Year - Religion: Eastern/Western - Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award
Runner-up - Religion: Christianity - International Book Awards
Winner - Book: Biblical Studies - The Word Guild
Finalist - Religion: Christianity - The USA "Best Books 2011" Awards
Gold Award -(1 of 3 across all book categories) - World Book Awards

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