Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 11/11/2012

It's a great time to join our Sunday morning group of Yoda sage enquirers as we weave self, society, universe, and God!  We've just begun reading the introduction of our group's superb new book, The Ten Commandments of Character - Essential Advice for Living an Honorable, Ethical, Honest Life (2003), by "Everyday Ethics" columnist & Jewish Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.

On the back cover is written,
"Here is a wealth of astute and warmhearted counsel on life's most difficult ethical dilemmas.  Joseph Telushkin outlines his ten commandments of character, explaining why each one is so vital, and then addresses perplexing issues that crop up in our lives more often than we would anticipate, relating to family, friends, work, community, medicine, and money, such as:
  • Should a brother give up part of his inheritance if his sister has children and considerable expenses and he doesn't?
  • Is it wrong to get a kidney transplant from a prisoner executed in China?
  • Should a dying woman reveal to her husband that his son is not really his?
Many of us find it increasingly hard to tread the fine line between right and wrong.  In The Ten Commandments of Character, Telushkin faces these issues squarely and shows us how to live a life of true integrity."
For example, we'll discuss:
How can we clearly discern our personal values and tendencies and take a stand on issues in today's complex world in order to become ethically/morally a clarion for others?
When is it more important to remain humble and open to learn why and how others have their perspectives and values?

FOR NEXT WEEK:  Please continue to read about "The 10 Commandments of Character".  We plan to lance and joust about Point 6, "Be Honest". 


  1. The collective wisdom of the group is what I like best- thanks especially to Rose, who coordinates, gets us started so well, and to Day, who keeps the wider world informed of the content (through this blog)!

  2. Good summary, Day. Discussions have been great, thanks too to Rose getting us started strong.