Monday, April 4, 2011

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 4/3/11

The nine attendees had a rich discussion about the second section, "Week 2 - Are We There Yet?":

Frances B., "Participating with the poor is an experience that benefits all involved. Poorness is not just monetarily. Some are poor in time, but we may have wealth in health or personality."
Day M., "Poorness is always in oneself. It's partly reflective."

Giselle (80 birthdays), "When I was a student in the Convent, I did daily Mass for 30 minutes, everyday. We had to do it. The habit of daily reflection helps instill discipline."
Bob S., "The structure of school discipline and military service helped me think of others and God."

Bill H., "Do we really believe God is here?"
Joan H., "Sometimes we don't let in God, the good stuff."
Thea W., "Three things I recite everyday:
1. What wonderful things are we going to do today?
2. How will I make You smile?
3. Fill me with Your holy spirit.

For next week, please -
• List the criteria you use to determine the quality of your life. (See p. 20)
• Read Week 3 (p. 29 - 42).

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