Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 4/17/11

(five attended)
Today, we related the symbolic action of Communion to the themes in book section, "Week 4 - Parabolic Thinking: The Land Beyond Lost, Next to Doubt":

What's the point of Communion as a communication with one's Soul and God?
1. Communion is like an hors d'euvres of Grace. One's body gets a taste of heaven's love fest.
2. One's intention adds greatly to the intensity of one's experience of Communion. It makes the experience more memorable for lasting value if one provides a proper context by being consciously receptive both to the direct experience and the symbolic nature of Communion.
3. We're always communicating with others! It's so important to be self-conscious to care for our bodies, minds, and life habits. We should consider ourselves as temples for God's works & inspiration on Earth, in Communion with divine Heart, instead of being myopic and self absorbed.

For next Sunday, please read "Week 5 - What Is Enough Resurrection?", p. 55 - 65.

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