Sunday, January 10, 2010

BCUCC Adult Spirituality Group Notes (1/10/10)

Our next reading is Common Grace, by Anthony B. Robinson, minister at Plymouth UCC and former writer of a weekly column for the Seattle P-I newspaper. (See the book's description at Amazon - .)
**Charles had passed out copies of the first chapter as he's having trouble ordering the book so far via Until he obtains books for the group, he'll continue to pass out copies of upcoming chapters we're to read.

Discussion Gems:
1. Practically, an unexamined faith doesn't exist. We must realize our faith through conscious questioning.
2. In the Old Testament, there are dramatic stories of God's active interventions in external events, such as when he parted the sea for Jews escaping from Egypt. Jesus preached the more subtle powerful ways that God intervenes in the affairs of man -> through his heart.
E.G. - Giselle brought up a traumatic experience when it hailed ruining her 700 acres of wheat fields in Nebraska. As a result, she learned that when you pray, you get the strength to be able to live through hardships.
3. When we pray, we normally expect results. The ego is the chooser, based on all influences. It is important as an element of God to keep "Heart Up", to consciously be a channel for God's varied works and love. We ought to have thanks in prayer, not just ask, if we have Jesus' higher vision that God has the whole of creation in mind, justice, and heart.


  1. I'd like to hear more about what it means to "keep heart up". Is it in reference to it being better to give thanks in prayer than to always be asking for something?

  2. Jane W's interpretation of "keep heart up" as giving thanks in prayer fits my ideas well.

    I use "Heart Up" as a reminder to raise my heart's non-dual consciousness to receptively bathe in God's mind, justice, and heart. I feel like a flowering plant opening intimately to the sun. When I do this, my chest and shoulders open up and I can easily naturally maintain an erect posture.

    How would y'all add to my and Jane W's interpretations of how to consciously be a channel for God's varied works and love?

  3. I think some of the new chapters from our book really support this and add to it. Thanks!