Friday, October 21, 2011

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 10/9/11

We're just starting to read the book, The Questions of Jesus - Challenging Ourselves to Discover Life's Great Answers, by John Dear.

On the back cover is written:

This illuminating examination of the Gospels reveals how the questions Jesus asks of his followers lead the way to a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and the mystery of God.

The Gospels are filled with stories, parables, miracles, commandments, and dramatic incidents that trace Jesus’ life and recount his teachings. A close reading of the Gospels reveals, however, that they are also filled with questions. As John Dear points out in this remarkable book, Jesus, like any great teacher and rabbi, “has a question for everyone he meets, for every occasion, for every experience, for every potential disciple.” Dear uses these questions as a starting point, an invitation to readers to discover the lessons they contain by searching their own hearts and minds for answers.

Throughout The Questions of Jesus, Dear interweaves insights from ethical and religious teachers ranging from Buddha to Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr. Using recent events as powerful and poignant examples, he shows why a renewed commitment to Jesus’ message of nonviolence, compassion, justice, and peace is essential to healing a world torn by violence and war.

* There's a decent book review at –

FRANCIS reflected that Jesus not answering some sorts of questions is a kind of answer itself. That way Jesus doesn’t just prescribe simple answers to complex problems, but he leads people to find answers in their own lives, which is more useful. In this way, Jesus manages to put bridges between the cliffs in people's life. Often what we need is to get the assurance of love to lead on through life.

TOM mentioned that since God is the ultimate reality, spiritual seekers aren’t necessarily finding solutions via analytical logical answers, but instead through contentment and repose.

BOB – For example, a man in a grocery store asking “What are you looking for?” is easier to answer. But, regarding meta questions, one can’t so easily answer.

GISELLE revealed “Jesus helps me to get guidance regarding my own expectations. It’s one of the strongest questions I can ask my kids.”

* Day suggests our next book to read and discuss be, Everything Must Change: Global Crises and a Revolution of Hope, by Brian McLaren.

What do you think? Please check out a review –

FOR NEXT WEEK: Discuss Chapter 2 – “Identity” (30pp.)

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