Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 5/8/11

(10 attendees)
5/8/11 Adult Spirituality Group:

(Rose) "Forgive others so you can move on in your life."
(Charles) "Donna E Schaper is talking about individual spirituality."
(Dan) "The best parts of us are willing to suffer personally for vast benefits for others and the common future."
(Day) "It helps me to relate with others in periods of conflict to remember my center is at my heart as a whole, not getting stuck with a viceral polarizing gut reaction."
(Bob) "What we consider evils change over time. They vary from context to context. Perspective of the universe has changed over time."
(Charles) "There is a greater power game going on in the U.S. than the power game going on in rape. Power is reversed, through control over weaker societies. This structure is accepted."
(Francis) "We need to nurture males to enjoy & experience our feminine qualities. Otherwise, males are set up to only express themselves through dominance."

For Sunday 5/15/11, please read chapter 7 through to the end of the book.

The next book we'll read:
Black and White (a series of short essays sent to Tom & Thea Ward, which cover many subjects)

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