Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 4/7/2013

This week, we all shared our initial hopes what we'll get out of the book Prayer-Does it make any difference?, which we've started to dive into:

We could generally agree that prayer is spending time practicing the relationship with God, more than any particular set of practices.  Participation in our group will help us to articulate, what is otherwise private prayer.  Some feel natural praying, whereas others desire to further develop this habit of attention.  We all expressed openness and interest in the group's feedback and to explore some tools & techniques.  This will help us pray more consciously and productively. 

In prayer, often we're looking for something, beyond merely accepting the muddle of good & bad of our present private moments.  We're supposed to live up to some standards in life. Inquiring within is a way to imbibe divine feedback and stretch beyond, to try to imagine the bigger picture. 

In Psalm 46:10 is written, "Be still and know that I am God."  Sometimes, prayer is not a verbal conversation asking for our selves & dealing with our perceptions at all, but coming back to center to revere God's magnificence and trans-personal plans.  The Bible New Testament also says to pray without ceasing.  This means that prayer is not only through language.  The "wow" part of prayer is through contemplative praise and gratitude.

For next Sunday:  We will be wading through Chapter 3 (p. 30-43).  You are welcome to join our conversation at any time!

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