Sunday, November 18, 2012

Adult Spirituality Group notes, 11/18/2012

Today, the nine attendees discussed the book, The Ten Commandments of Character (Points 6 & 7, in the first chapter, pp. 35-37):

How does one "be honest"?  The author writes, "What matters most to God, and therefore what should matter most to us, is not issues of faith or ritual observance, but honesty in our dealings with others......People must be able to rely on your honesty in many different areas:  Can they trust you in money matters?  Can they trust you to be truthful?  And when, if ever, is it moral to be untruthful?"

The group went around the circle to brainstorm aspects of truthfulness that are most important to God.  God could evaluate our honesty and integrity with these sets of questions:  
  • Did you live to your potential?  Did you always do the right thing?
  • How much did you live for your ideals, versus, how much were you practical and compromised to suit the complexities of life?  When were you able to stick up for your ideals and put them into the world?  After all, we're here on Earth also to interact, not just be alone.
  • How honest were you from your vantage?  How did your perspective about good & bad, right & wrong expand and mature over your lifetime? 
It's important to have a regular practice!  
  • Thea Ward has a regular prayer of gratitude/thanks to God, e.g., that she has hot water, gets to see beautiful fall leaf colors.
  • Rose Bailey works with her students on assertive communication, since acknowledging things is also important to problem solve and work things out.  
  • Day Murti summarized his ice cream eating wisdom gained over time.  Adults know that the present is eternal, not merely the present moment.  Often kids gobble up their ice cream.  Adults learn to pace themselves.

For next week:  We'll focus on Commandments 8, 9, and 10, discussed on p. 37-41.

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