Sunday, December 20, 2009

4th week of Advent Adult Spirituality Group notes

BCUCC Adult Spirituality Group notes: (Sunday, 12/20/09, 4th week of Advent)

9 people attended.

At first we discussed the Bible, Luke 1:39-56:
When 3 months pregnant, Mary sought out an older woman named Elizabeth for assistance & community with Mary's incarnate "real" experience of God.
1. In Spanish, giving birth is called "a dar luz", which means to give light.
2. When Day's sister was pregnant with twins, she was busy with the practical reality of the growing fetuses in her womb. I helped her to give broader attention to her process or birthing the universe.

Later, we discussed the 12/20/09 readings, entitled "Morning with Mary's Song" (p. 52)
1. All of the Old Testament is fairly strictly from a Jewish perspective. The New Testament opens the message for all peoples of the world.
2. Nowadays, the U.S. gives more aid to Israel than anywhere else in the world, which illustrates the strong Jewish influence on us.

Anthony B. Robinson, former Pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church (downtown Seattle), wrote readings for Advent, about the higher law of love.

Respectfully submitted,
Day Murti

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  1. This is helpful, Day! Adds another level of enjoyment and lasting meaning to the discussion.